Learn Naturally

One Conversation at a Time with MAIA

MAIA is an adaptive, AI powered learning chatbot for K-12 English Language Learners. MAIA empowers teachers by giving them the ability to provide personalized instruction to each ELL student through frontloading lessons. MAIA was developed by researchers, educators and technologists at DMAI, a groundbreaking company building Cognitive AI platforms that interact like humans.


We believe AI technology can level the playing field and help English Language Learners succeed. MAIA is a learning chatbot that is: Motivating, Adaptable, Immersive, and Accommodating.

Join Our Pilot

DMAI has a vision to improve English Language Learners’ performance through a personalized AI platform. From October 28th – December 15th 2019, we will be piloting MAIA in 4th and 5th grade classes across the country.

The Education Challenges of English Learners

Almost 10% of K-12 students in the United States are non-native English speakers and many struggle to keep up in class. How we treat these students’ readiness to succeed in school is a monumental question. We are asking these children to learn a second language and reach higher and more rigorous standards as mandated by states.