AI Powered Platform

Enables adaptive learning, personalization and reasoning.

Multi-modal activities

Encourages students to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Over 20 activity templates

Reinforces item types common in EL assessments.

Interactive Chatbot

Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), MAIA provides encouragement, feedback and guidance.

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

Detects pronunciation errors.

Lessons in Core Curriculum

With lessons in Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts, our platform offers frontloading across all key content areas.

Visual Interactive Dictionary

Creates custom dictionary of key vocabulary fr each subject.

View snapshot of lessons

Allows teachers to choose what to assign and when to assign a lesson.

Tracks individual and class progress

Increase teacher effectiveness by seeing trends in student data.

Track individual and class assessment scores

Monitor mastery of language and content.

Lessons correlated to grade and subject

Enables students to frontload with grade and subject.