Your Personalized Learning Pal


Your Personalized Learning Tutor

MAIA is an adaptive learning chatbot that gives English language students personalized help in core class subjects and motivates them to perform their best. MAIA is… Motivating, Adaptive, Immersive, and Accommodating. Get to know MAIA below!


MAIA is your biggest supporter

There’s no bigger cheerleader when learning a new topic than MAIA. She believes there’s nothing you can’t accomplish and that every setback is just a setup for a comeback.


MAIA personalizes her suggestions

MAIA prompts students based on how they perform on skill-based and vocabulary-based activities. She delivers feedback and reinforcement based on the needs of the student.


MAIA teaches with rich media examples

MAIA provides an assortment of multimedia activities and templates that encourage engagement.


MAIA is here to help

MAIA never makes fun or teases a student. She’s always kind, supportive, empathetic, and upbeat. She appreciates and acknowledges the student’s effort and work!

MAIA Pilot Details

Do you want to revolutionize how English language students can be supported in the classroom? Learn more about the MAIA pilot program.