MAIA Pilot Details

Accommodating English Learners Through Cognitive AI

MAIA Pilot Details

Supporting ELLs through Cognitive AI

Do you want to revolutionize how ELLs are supported in the classroom? Provide your ELLs with frontloading lessons that combine language and content area instruction. Join our pilot of MAIA, a personalized learning chatbot that frontloads vocabulary, readings and content for ELLs in Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts through multi-modal, interactive activities.



Language Arts

Social Studies

Pilot Goals

The MAIA Pilot will…

Maximize Resources

Ease the burden on schools that have a limited amount of qualified English Language teachers.

Save Time

Ease the burden on teachers who have a limited amount of time to teach English Language students.

Increase Learning

Enable English Language students to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in content areas.

Track Progress

Enable teachers to track student progress in language skills in content areas.

“Beginning in the 4th grade, students are expected to know how to read well enough to learn academic content by reading informational and literacy texts writing in more complex language than they have encountered earlier in school. This is the point at which many English Learners falter.”

– The National Academies Press


We invite any teacher who has 4th and 5th grade ELLs in their classroom.


Students will be assigned four AI powered frontloading lessons; one each in Science, Math, Social Studies and Language Arts. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes in length with a 10 minutes quiz following the lesson.


The Pilot will be open on October 28th and will end on December 15th, 2019.


Teachers will be provided with login details and access codes for the students to use in the classroom.


The National Academies Press states that “Only 63 percent of ELLs graduate from high school, compared with the overall national rate of 82 percent.”

Empowering Teachers

To review student progress during our pilot, teachers will have access to a limited set of features as our platform is still being developed based on ongoing feedback, including:

  • Add & manage students
  • View lessons
  • View student results
  • View student pronunciation and spelling errors


Your Personalized Learning Tutor

Maia is an adaptive learning chatbot that gives English language students personalized help in core class subjects and motivates them to perform their best.